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Artsy people...

2011-11-16 08:53:54 by Geodracula

I envy you guys who can colour. I can ONLY do black and white stuff, as soon as I try to add colour, I ruin the image straight away!! Share some tips? (Please?)
Putting pencil to paper isn't really a problem for me, I can usually see what I'm going to draw before I've done it - but if I try to work out the colours I want, it just becomes one big blurry mess in my head!!
I know each artist has his or her own strengths/weaknesses, but I don't want to accept this as a weakness and avoid it.
I've been browsing the Art Portal a lot lately and I've noticed most of the coloured work stand out the most.
I'd love to create a bright, vivid piece but there are so many different kinds of mediums out there, I wouldn't even know where to begin!


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2011-11-16 12:26:06

Funny enough, Women actually tend to be much better at color than men, It is suppose to be left over from our hunter and gather stages of evolution.
Anyway that aside. Color, like everything else in art, is all skill based. The more your practice, learn and use, the better you will get at it.
I'm not great at color either so don't feel alone.

If you want some good solid help Go to the Art Forum: 4

Its a good helpful place. Make a personal art thread and post some wips and final works. You can ask for feedback as well as just simply hangout.
I look forward to seeing you there

Here are some other nice links to help you out
Art101 Tutorials: t/269181
Art Programs: t/273558

Geodracula responds:

I think being a tomboy hasn't helped me then ;) lol.
Thank you so much for the links, I shall definitely check them out and give colouring a serious chance!
I disagree though, you've got some great coloured pieces :)


2011-11-19 10:52:28

Glad to have seen your stuff in the art portal, you've got some fantastic eye for tone :)

Geodracula responds:

Thank you very much! I greatly appreciate that :D
Oh wow, I love your Flash 8 piece Id! Very cool!


2011-11-20 14:23:13

Depends. Which kind of color do you prefer? Digital or traditional? If you want to do traditional coloring, I would suggest using colored pencils since they are generally the easiest to use on terms of traditional media.

Or you can go digital like most people here do.

Geodracula responds:

To be honest I'd like to give both a go... I've pretty much avoided colour for a long time now (just dabbled a little here and there, but hated the stuff I did). I suppose traditional would be a good place to start though :)
The only colouring I actually remember doing (and enjoying) was in school, quite a few years ago!


2011-11-21 17:56:47

Whoa. Very nice superheroes! Say, could you do a bit of Asterix? I think he's made of sterner stuff than his US counterparts....

(Updated ) Geodracula responds:

Thank you ^_^
Asterix as in Asterix and Obelix? Yeah sure, I could give him ago :)


There we go, he's up in my art section now :3


2011-11-22 03:02:41

awww man i know how you feel :( im a drawer too, i can only do black and white stuff as well. and man coloring is hard ><


2011-11-24 02:44:50

My heroine! He looks great! I wish I could mail you my scanner, but alas, the last Nor'easter to hit our shores (Irene), has fried it's power supply.
I'd suggest the free art program Gimp... but, yeah, colored pencils. Maybe Prismacolor ink markers (I've seen some astounding work done w/ those.).
Or you could find a nice boy who's also a wizard colorist! Either way, thank you, and be happy in your work.


2012-07-17 15:20:40

I like trains.....DRAW ME A TRAIN!!!!!! hahaha jkjk <3


2012-07-17 15:26:18

come see batman with me plzz haha