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Artsy people...

2011-11-16 08:53:54 by Geodracula

I envy you guys who can colour. I can ONLY do black and white stuff, as soon as I try to add colour, I ruin the image straight away!! Share some tips? (Please?)
Putting pencil to paper isn't really a problem for me, I can usually see what I'm going to draw before I've done it - but if I try to work out the colours I want, it just becomes one big blurry mess in my head!!
I know each artist has his or her own strengths/weaknesses, but I don't want to accept this as a weakness and avoid it.
I've been browsing the Art Portal a lot lately and I've noticed most of the coloured work stand out the most.
I'd love to create a bright, vivid piece but there are so many different kinds of mediums out there, I wouldn't even know where to begin!


2011-07-27 18:47:52 by Geodracula

What kind of animation software is most common on Newgrounds?
I'd like to give it ago (apologies in advance!) and I'm what you would call, "a complete n00b" lol.
So, yeah. What's everyone using nowadays?


2011-06-26 04:52:45 by Geodracula

Just a quick thank you to those who have voted on my pictures, and reviewed them!
Everything is read and any comment, good or bad, is greatly appreciated :)

Hooray for me!

2011-06-21 18:01:45 by Geodracula

I now feel like a real Newgrounds member after uploading some of my work! :3

Hooray, ha

Oh dear!

2011-06-19 19:04:44 by Geodracula

I'm so jealous of some of the animators on here! I wish I had the skills and know how!

I might give the art submissions a go soon, I recently bought a graphics tablet to mess around on, so I'll eventually upload some pics for you guys to laugh at!

I would love to get into animation one day, but it's a toughie and I have a huge respect for you animators out there who spend hours/days/months etc on creating such great artwork!

Tut tut

2011-06-05 14:23:27 by Geodracula

I've just watched a handful of vids that were once on the homepage.
Utter crap. Some users just get lucky!

I am on Newgrounds!

2010-10-14 16:20:17 by Geodracula

Wooh my first account on here! It's about time I made one, afterall I've been coming on Newgrounds for years!!